Jigsaw Puzzles World

Jigsaw Puzzles is one of the most popular games in the world. The secret is its attentiveness challenge. Trying to find a matching piece you improve your visual memory and search skills.
Our new puzzle game will give you some wonderful time of matching beautiful pictures on your device!


– A breathtaking quest with multiple levels, obstacles and surprises
– Beautiful mahjong tiles including seasons, butterflies and pandas!
– Easy game mechanics
– Charming music
– Fairy mahjong backgrounds and tiles that will make you feel like in a magic world of Dragon!




58 thoughts on “Jigsaw Puzzles World

  1. Good morning how can I get these games for a home pc? These games are so relaxing for my mom she´s 70 years old and needs games like this for here mind. Thanks.

    1. Hi. Sorry, we haven’t PC version. But we have updated our site, so you can find more cool games for Android and iOS.

  2. Help please, used this for years but suddenly it won’t open. So don’t want to loose puzzles have hundreds. First time I have ever had a problem.

  3. Your Jigsaw Puzzles World app is okay but isn’t one of the better Jigsaw Puzzle apps. The ghost image of a puzzle is very blurry, which makes it almost impossible to do the puzzle. I suggest that you fix the issue, as it is very off putting.

  4. How does create a puzzle work? I’ve allowed access to my photos but it says it is locked. Can you help? It would be nice if you could earn tokens for additional puzzles faster.
    Thanks, Ellen

  5. Hi, I purchased the add on or creating your own puzzle. I did several, had several in the works and several made for later and when the app updated with this newest update, all the puzzles I created with the addin disappeared, regardless of whether or not they were finished, in progress, or saved for later. In fact, since the update, the create your own puzzle feature has not been working at all.

  6. I paid for a bundle on your jigsaw app and now after I have updated the latest version I cannot find any of my puzzles. I am not happy, please tell me what is going on??

  7. Loved this game but since update you now have to pay for any puzzle over 150 pieces. Please put it back to a free game

  8. Since the update 2 days ago and yesterday app will not load. My ipad goes to sleep while it loads. Looks like you have more bugs to fix. Can I uninstall update?

  9. I bought something for 7.99 from this game for a few more puzzles gems and coins but I didn’t receive on my game what I was supposed to. But it did take my money.

  10. Уважаемые Господа!
    После обновления ранее купленная мной функция “Создай свой пазл” перестала работать.
    Прошу решить проблему как можно быстрее.

    С уважением,
    Заботина Ирина

    1. Здравствуйте. Мы исправили эту проблему, перепроверьте, пожалуйста.

  11. After I loaded your April 18th update the app would not load again. I tried several attempts still would not work. I reloaded the app. By doing this I lost all my purchased puzzles and lost a balance of $42,000 gold pieces. I went to settings and tried retrieve previous purchases button. Nothing happened. In March these purchases costs me $35.00. How can I get this corrected.

    Pam Newton

  12. It updated and won’t load now. I have purchased puzzles and I don’t want to lose them. This pisses me off.

  13. I made a purchase for the jackpot to get coins and 4 different sets of puzzles for 7.99 and i didn’t get anything I was supposed to.

  14. I’ve been playing the game for about a month now, and have been enjoying the game along with my husband, we managed to accumulate just over 5000 coins and when I logged on today I discovered that I only have 123 coins,

    I was looking forward to been able to spend these coins on more puzzles but am now concerned that saving up coins might not be worth my time if they are just going to disappear again, is their any chance that we can get our coins returned ?

    Thanks for your time

  15. Purchased Jackpot. It’s not showing up. Money has been taken from my acct already. I have reinstalled purchases. I deleted app and restarted it. Nothing.

  16. I love the jigsaw game however- for the last while- it takes about ten minutes to open the app. So frustrating. And it really is at least ten minutes. This happens every time I exit and go back. Please fix!

  17. I love Jigsaw Puzzle World but am very confused as to how to get more puzzles. I paid for more but they did not show up. How do I get more puzzles?

  18. Suddenly this has stopped working. Changes you just made are freezing the screen and all puzzles have disappeared.

  19. I’ve played Magic and Bliss. Just now downloaded World. Love your puzzling. One aggravating thing is that the more puzzles you finish, the longer (and longer, and longer) it takes to open the app each time. Anything to do about this? Any way to delete the finished puzzles stored in Completed? Or do you know why this is happening?

  20. Jigsaw puzzle world stopped working. Despite my clearing the cache and cookies. I even tried another browser. I paid for puzzles I cannot access. Please help.

  21. I can’t get access to my puzzles since the prize turned into a daily prize with points and jewels. The screen is blank and I have not been able to play…very frustrating.

  22. After a recent update all my purchased puzzles and unused coins disappeared. I have documentation of all my coin purchases if needed.

  23. I love this app! One of the best out there but it is SO SLOW to load!! Always! I’d started to buy some puzzles but didn’t because I remembered how slow it is and it makes me crazy! I do not have this issue with any other app on my iPad. Really wish you could do something because the pictures are awesome!

  24. Ever since New rewards software on jigsaw puzzle , I can’t open any of my puzzles. Only the awards screen. Help!! What do I do?

  25. I purchased a package yesterday for $7.99 that was supposed to give me more puzzles and coins and I never received it. I really hope you can fix this and that I didn’t spend my money on nothing.

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